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March 9, 2016     The Burke Gazette
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March 9, 2016

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11 The Burke (SD) Gazette, Continued from Page 10 by Lance Matucha to sell Lot 16, Block 4, S.R.T. Second Add'n to Town of Fairfax to the City of Fair- fax for $25.00. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Jeff Johnson, second by Darrell Bentz to sell the W50 of Lots 17 & 18, Block 4, S.R.T. Sec- ond Add'n to Town of Fairfax to the City of Fairfax for $25.00. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Jeff Johnson, second by Jessy Biggins to sell the E61.5' of Lot 17, El00' & $28.5' of Lot 19, E61.5' & $24.5' of Lot 18, El00' & N25.5' of Lot 18, Block 4, S.R.T. Second Add'n to Town of Fairfax to the City of Fairfax for $25.00. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Jeff Johnson, second by Jessy Biggins to sell Lot 11, Block 13, North Dallas Add'n to Town of Dallas to Leslie A. Maher Living Trust for $25.00. All mem- bers present voted aye. Motion car- fled. Motion by Jeff Johnson, second by Lance Matucha to sell the $7' of Lot 5, Block 5, Gregory Heights Add'n to City of Gregory to the City of Gregory for $1.00. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. Highway Superintendent Report" Tony Shattuck, Highway Super- intendent, met with the Board to discuss various projects within the county. Occupancy R-O-W: Motion by Darrell Bentz, second by Jeff John- son to approve an application for occupancy on the right of way to Golden West Telecommunications for placement of telecommunication cabinets in Section 4-95N-68W. All members present voted aye. Motion carded. Bridge Reiuspeetion: Motion by Jeff Johnson, second by Darrell Bentz to offer the following resolu- tion: BRIDGE REINSPECTION PROGRAM RESOLUTION FOR USE WITH SDDOT RE- TAINER CONTRACTS WHEREAS, Title 23, Section 151, United States Code and Title 23, Part 650, Subpart C, Code of Fed- eral Regulations, requires initial inspection of all bridges and rein- spection at all intervals not to ex- ceed two years with the exception of reinforced concrete box culverts that meet specific criteria. These culverts are reinspected at intervals not to exceed four years. THF_,L~_O~, Gregory County is desirous of participating in the Bridge Inspection Program using Bridge Replacement funds. The County requests SDDOT to Wednesday, March 9, 2016 want you to become a pflest.' I think travel once a month and Horn and from the mosque next door. The hire Brosz Engineering Inc. (Con- he felt the way I felt before I went to Hofer traveled together and visited missionaries had to coordinate be- sulting Engineers) for the inspec- Totus Tuus, when I thought that this various places throughout Europe. tween when the Christian bells rang tion work. SDDOT will securecouldn't possibly be a fulfilling life, During the holidays and summers and when the Muslim call sounded. federal approvals, make payments never having a family or kids." they took longer trips. Trips to the "We worked at menial tasks to the Consulting Engineer for in- College student or something else Holy Land and Tanzania topped with the sisters, spent time with the spection services rendered, and bill In August 2006, Mark went to Horn's list. people and served where we could. I the County for 20% of the cost. The SDSU in Brookings and majored A night in a tomb brings clarity tried just being with people. We had County will be responsible for the in civil engineering. He played in- "The most powerful place I so much joy. I'm amazed at how required 20% matching funds,tramural sports and continued dat- visited was the Holy Land." He much we could communicate. Upon roll call vote: All members ing, and held off on doing anything was part of a group that spent a We met one little girl who they had present voted aye. Motion carried, about the priesthood. "I made good two-week Christmas retreat there, picked up from a dumpster when Weight Limit Resolution: Motion Catholic friends that challenged me They visited Galilee, Jerusalem and she was an infant. The bugs had by Darrell Bentz, second by Lance to grow in my faith and I challenged Bethlehem. He had a profound ex- eaten the side of her face and it will Matucha to offer the following rest- them, as well." He continued grow- perience when he visited the Church always be scarred. She wasn't even lution, ing in faith, growing in prayer and of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusa- two when we saw her, and she was GREGORY COUNTY WEIGHT practicing the sacraments. "At a lem. The church is built over the a cute little girl full of joy, and they LIMIT ENFORCEMENT RESt- certain point I was so on fire for the site of Jesus's crucifixion and the were seeking a family will adopt LUTION faith, to defend it, to spread it and site of his tomb. Fr. Horn arranged her. She's one of many orphans that WHEREAS, seasonal climatic to talk to people about it that people to spend the night there. "We were they take care of try to find families changes can be detrimental to our told me, 'Maybe you should become able to spend the night in the Holy for. highways, and a priest.'" He still wasn't ready."I'd Sepulchre. You're locked in for the After two weeks, Horn and WHEREAS, the Gregory County say, oh, come on, I'm dating. That night and you can't leave. It's freez- Hofer left the city. "We spent two Board of Commissioners desires was always my excuse." ing cold, and you can't go to sleep, weeks in the west end of Tanzania to protect existing Gregory County "I got to know the priest at the "I went into it asking the Lord out in the middle of nowhere, out Highways, ultimately saving tax SDSU Newman Center, and he was for a specific grace, asking him to in the bush, with no electricity and dollars and, a good influence and a good spiri- put on my heart exactly what he no running water. We rode on motor WHEREAS, the Gregory County tual director. During Mark's second wanted me to experience, and let bikes with this one priest. He had Board of Commissioners, desires year at SDSU, he and his girlfriend go of anything else that's less im- forty parishes in a 20 mile radius, the enforcement of weight limita- broke up. "I was kind of a mess," portant. I laid my head down on the and one parish took two hours to tions on Gregory County roads as he recalled. He went to talk with his tomb and spent about an hour in reach on a dirt bike over sand." The set forth and posted by the Gregory priest who said, "You're free now. the Holy Sepulchre itself. It really churches were similar in each par- County Highway Superintendent. You've been looking at the priest- made all of salvation history and my ish. "The church is the side of some- NOW THEREFORE BE IT RE- hood and been afraid of committing and our place in it very clear to me body's house. They set up poles and SOLVED; to it. You've really got nothing to and how serious it really is. It's very bed sheets on top of the house to WHEREAS, the limits on Gregory lose by going and checking it out.'" clear that there's only one thing re- make a canopy and used a table County Highways shall be set at six He finished his second year at ally worth living for. My cold life- for the altar. To power the keyboard (6) ton per axle, on all asphalt sur- SDSU and in Fall 2008, he trans- less body is going to be laid some- they used car batteries and plugged face roads, during spring thaw peri- ferred to a seminary in Minnesota. where else sooner than I know it, them in end-to-end." At each stop od and when limit signs are in place, lie accepts the call just as Christ's body was laid there, the priest might do six sacraments. That the South Dakota Highway Pa- In 2011, he graduated from the My connection with him is the only During mass, the sacraments were trol be and hereby is authorized and Immaculate Heart of Mary Semi- reason I have for hope and mean- baptism, confirmation, first commu- requested to enforce weight limita- nary in Winona, MN with a degree ing in this short life. The experience nion, anointing the sick, marriage, tions on Gregory County roads, in philosophy, helped me to better put my priorities and before mass, reconciliation. He BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Theology studies and preparation of life in order." also might have a funeral and burial. that the penalty for the violation of in Rome A trip to the bush brings aware- An eye opener in Tanzania con- the load restrictions shall be as set Horn's next step toward the ness cerned the treatment of women. forth in SDCL 32-22-55. priesthood was four years of study at "The first summer in Rome, "The dignity of women is night and Datedthis lSt day of March, 2016, the Pontifical North American Col- Bishop Gruss told us not to come day between Christianity and any at Burke, South Dakota. lege, a seminary in Rome, Italy. We home and to get experience in the other religion there, because Chris- Upon roll call vote. All mem- went there in the summer of 2011. Church some part of the world that tian women know they are of equal bers present voted aye. Resolution When his parents said goodbye at we might never get to again," said dignity with men. They don't have passed, the airport, something was differ- Horn. Horn and Hofer went to Tan- to put up with guff like some of the Time Capsule: The time capsule ent. "Within the three years when I zania to work with the Missionaries other women who were literally in the front parking lot of the court- was at Winona, I think Dad's idea of of the Charity and the Missionar- treated like cattle." house will be opened on March 15, the priesthood totally changed. He ies of the Institute of the Incarnate "The people there were so gen- 2016 at l2:00 p.m. was beaming with pride, andhewas Word. Tanzania is a country on erous, too. They're so dirt poor. Adjourn." Motion by Jeff Johnson, so happy for me and he was already the Indian Ocean located south of What little they have they share all second by Jessy Biggins to adjourn, seeing more of the joy of the priest- Kenya and Uganda and east of the of it. You felt so humbled and un- All members present voted aye. hood and the power of it and seeing Congo. "We spent two weeks work- worthy." Motion carried, other good priests that were helping ing with the Missionaries of Charity Looking back, Ft. Horn said, Myron Johnson, me along." in Dar es Salaam." It's the largest "That was an experience that really Chairman The college he attended is city in Tanzania with a population opened my eyes to the Church in ATTEST: owned by the U.S. and 250 men at- of over four million people. "It's Africa that is so alive and well. Just James Waterbury, tend the seminary and lived there, very Third World. We lived right like other countries that are really Gregory County Auditor The men were immersed in thein the middle of the city which is struggling because there are cer- Published once at a total approxi- Italian culture. It was a 30 minute shacks and mud brick houses. If tainly tensions with Islam, it seems mate cost of $149.18. walk from the college to the Pontiff- you're wealthy you might have a like the places people are most suf- HOR~I cal Gregorian University where he brick house." feting for faith is where the Church Contimed from Page 5 had classes with seminarians from The missionaries worked with most grows, and is flourishing." Dad, md I was telling hiin all this around the world. After Horn was the poorest of the poor at a com- Horn also observed, "Those priests stuff, md I was pretty excited about ordained a deacon, his responsibili- pound there. They took care of the and those religious sisters out there, it. At the same time I was dating, ties included taking Communion to elderly, infants, mentally handi- they lead a radical life." too, and I wasn't committed to it. homebound residents and he was capped, orphans and anyone with First a deacon, then a priest I said who knows, if God calls me out among the people even more. a disability regardless of their re- Fr. Mark was ordained a deacon to this I might actually be willing to Fr. Adam Hofer was another ligion. "It's about 50/50 Christian/ in Rome in October 2014. Many of do something like the priesthood. Rapid .City diocesan seminarian at- Muslim there," explained Mark. "At his family members were there. The Dad was listening quietly, and his tending the college with him. Semi- certain parts of the day the Muslim ordination was held at response was, 'Mark, I don't ever narians received weekend passes to call to prayer came over the speaker Continued on Page 12